ICT systems and their components - Information Technology AS

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What is ICT?

Use of technology for:

  • Input, Processing, storage and transfer of data and the output of information.
  • Traditional computers doing tasks - processing by entering sales data to produce output information (invoice)
  • More options available (laptops/PDAs and mobile phones)
  • Digital TV - used to take part in interactive quizzes & shop electronically (familar interface people feel comftable with)

What is a system

  • Can be paper based
  • e.g. system in place to record customer orders (INPUT), all prices of seperate items together & add up total (PROCESS) & finally produce the bill (OUTPUT)
  • Resturants already use computers - process in modern digital world - introducing computerised billing systems.


  • Basic functions of a computer
  • Data entered via an input device - keyboard
  • Calculations, queries and other operations - performed on data in processing stage
  • Results (processing) sent to output device (monitor)

Photographs from digital camera -- Crop, airbrush defects out, reduce resolution and change size in a graphics package -- Improved photographs to be displayed on page

What is an ICT System? (How and why organasations use ICT systems)

  • Modern organsations - fulfil their goals (nature of ICT system - depend of what those goals are)
  • Commonplace - organasations to use ICT systems to produce information - traditionally produced by paper-based systems
  • e.g. reciepts, invoices, sales,


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