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Benefits of ICT to Induvisulas

Greater Lesuire Time -ICT syatems allow us to do more work in less timeso it increases out productivity can make th eworking week shorter

Easy Access to Huge Amounts Of Data - you can access lare amounts of information via the internet.

Easy To Exchange Ideas - through forums emails etc

Creation of more Interesting Jobs - network specialit, help desk staff etc

Cheap Method Of Communication - cheap free and local call using skype 

  • Ability to shop from home 
  • Oppurtunity to tele work
  • Online Banking
  • helps you with school
  • acess to media player
  • help with personal problems

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Problems Cause by ICT To Induvisuals

  • to much daInformation Overload- topdata to sort through
  • hard to keep up with developments - new skills need to be continuously learnt
  • worries about children and the interent
  • insecuritties at work - could lose jobs due to ICT
  • Health Problem e.g RSI
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How ICT Benefits the disables

  • Helps people with leaning diffuculties making learning easier for them
  • helps people with unclear speech turing text to speech
  • Voice Activation Systems  used to issue commands
  • Helps people work - diab;ed people can work at hoem
  • they can retain their independence - shopping can be done online no need to leave the house
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How ICT benefited Older People

  • Communicatte with family and friends using skype
  • Learning new skills on computer 
  • Manage their finances
  • explore the family history
  • gain acces to vast amounts of information
  • join group
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How ICT Benefited Schools

  • Electronic Whie Boards - lesson to be mor interactive
  • powerpoint presentation - make subjects more interesting becauce video and sound can be used
  • Group Work- keep in touch via messaging
  • students can work at their own pace - 
  • podcast for revision
  • access blogs and forums
  • attach material
  • access to information
  • stimulation software
  • personalised learning
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Problems with misuse

there is a range of misuse brought about by the use of ICT systems and these cause anoyance and fustrartion to induvisuals of society. misuses include:

  • Identity Theft
  • Hacking
  • Virus Attack
  • Spam 
  • Lack of Privacy - cameras
  • Lack of Equalty
  • Elimates some jobs
  • Deserted city areas
  • Cyber bullying
  • Access to  *********** 
  • Illegal Cpoying
  • Misinformation eg wiki
  • Spread Rumours - online news
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ICT systems have lead to globalisation. it involves breaking down of economic, cultral and other barriers between countries making them less seperate. globalisation had led to

  • people listeming to the same music
  • jobs going abroad
  • same shops and businesses
  • a loss of culture
  • alinenation of countries that do no want to be apart of it 
  • widens the gap between rich and poor countries
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How ICT benefits crime

ict benefits crime by 

  • DNA Databases 
  • Vehcile number plare reconition
  • Fingerprinting database
  • CCTV

However ICT can Help criminals to commit crimes (cybercrime)

anonymity - staying anonymous on a computer however it can lead to

  • terrorism
  • drug dealing
  • money laundering
  • preying on the vulnerable ( pedophiles)
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Benefits of ICT With Society

  • Greater Democary - E voting systems 
  • Greater Productivity and less wastage - 
  • Higher Standard Of Living
  • shorter working week
  • helps disabled people to be more efficient
  • Makes Life Easier
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Video Confrencing


  • microphone
  • webcam
  • screen
  • loud speakers
  • computer


  • codec to decode the signal
  • a connection

video confrencing is less stress, meetings can be called short, saves time, save money,  however specialist equpiment is needed, sometimes there is poor image and poor sound and lack of face t face contact. 

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