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How the use of ICT is Influenced by Social Factors

the widespread use of ICT has created number of social probelms

  • reduces the number of mnual jobs - job with low skill are done by machines
  • changes in the way a job is done  - ICT is constantly changing the way jobs are done and people have to be able to learn how to use new ICT system
  • Job Loss - ICT systems are constantly evoling and being used for new task
  • De-skilled certain jobs e.g typist was once a skilled job
  • less security at work - 
  • reduces social interaction at work- more people are working at home
  • ICT systems are less personal - emails etc lose face to face interaction
  • addictions 
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Culture and ICT

Development in ICT causes major changes in culture. here are some cultral changes brought about ICT 

  • Mnay peple chaning the custom of writing to each other by letter by sending a less formal email
  • people changing their habits by texting rather than ringing
  • people have a more relaxed attitude to copyright
  • people able to acees information about arts more easily
  • more relaxed views of ***********
  • people exploring more ideas e.g religions and meidcines

Faith on the web

nowadays people are able to watch a church service online . and churches now have a website that allow their congrgation and others to keep in churhes etc

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ICT and arts

in the past if people wanted to listen to music they would buy a cd. here are some ways these users influenced the development of new ICT systems

  • users wanted to buy just the tracked they liked - itunes
  • users did not want to hunt down a cd - online music stores
  • users wanted portability of music - MP3 player
  • users wanted as as many songs stored as possibe - development of MP3
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Cultural Factors In other Countries

many developing countires have problems embracing ICT here are spme reason why

  • low level of education and literacy
  • poor technology infastructures
  • lack of money 
  • lack of ICT skills
  • lanck of fluency in engish
  • restricted access to intrnet
  • lack of interest
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ICT and Economic Factors

here are some economic factore that influence the use of ICT

  • labour cost being cheaper elsewhere - e.g call companys in india
  • fuel cost - gps systems reduce getting lost and saving fuel 
  • high speed internet - most people have a broadband
  • skilled staff - use staff from other coutries 
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ICT and the environment

ICT systems that are desinged in car need to be user friendly and not distract the driver.

ICT has predict that it created the same amount if Co2 than and aircfraft industry. computers need electricicty to work. 

when we use ict systems we should consider

  • Recycling of hardware reducing carbon footprint 
  • print previews - can save paper
  • reduction in printouts
  • recycle paper
  • remember to switch off computers
  • allow workers to work from home

recycling mobile phones - many schemes involve passing mobile phones onto other -places

recycling printer cartriges - cartriages can be refilled with ink 

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Ethical Isuues And ICT

there are many ethical factors where some people migh be put off an ICT project if it wasn unethical. ethical factors include

  • privacy - people may refuse to give personal information because ethey are worried about the system
  • property - people are able to copie software 
  • Accuracy - mistakes can easily be made and have serious consequenes so it is important to keep up to day information
  • Accessability - the need to have proper security in place to ensure ICT system cannot be hacked
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How ICT can improve the economics of business

  • Financial Benefits - increased turnover, lower overheads
  • lower wasteage - makes best use of materials 
  • better use of resources - lower operating cost
  • the need for more informaiton- to make system better
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Ethical issues with social networking

  • Reveal many truths about a person
  • employers can use it during applications 
  • social netqorking sites can be used to sell goods
  • and advertise businesses

Social Issues

  • pehophiles looking for young children
  • they cause an erosion of privacy
  • use by identity thieves
  • can introduce mallicious programs 
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