Humanities: Conflict & Co-operation Presentation

Another presentation for Humanities GCSE! :) Unfortunately, uncompatible with older versions than Microsoft Word 2007 (my computer won't let me save it in a compatible file, for some reason...)

Includes quiz, and covers the entire subject of Conflict & Co-operation! :D

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Humanities GCSE…read more

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· Human Rights
· Conflicts
· Pacifism
· Global Equality & Inequality
· Poverty
· Global Equality & Inequality Part 2
· Stereotypes & Tourism
· Child poverty & resolving problems
· Key Terms ­ Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
· Quiz…read more

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· Human right = a legal or moral entitlement to do
something or to be protected from something. For
example, the right to freedom of expression, or
the right not to be tortured.
· CIVIL = free expression, education, privacy
· POLITICAL = vote, protest, free opinions
· CULTURAL = choose religion, beliefs
· SOCIAL = maternity pay, family, sick pay
· ECONOMIC = work, shelter, healthcare, benefits…read more

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Rights & Responsibilities
· Freedom of expression · Not to offend others
· A job · To find a job yourself
· Have a child · Care for that child
· Movement · Respect boundaries
· Have a pet · Look after your pet
· Shelter · Keep that shelter safe
· Eat meat · Respect vegetarians…read more

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Bill of Rights
· ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS ­ made in 1689, was made to
give people in parliament more power. Shows limit of
power for the sovereign, and set out rights for normal
people. Was made for average people.
· MAGNA CARTA ­ great charter in 1215, which solved
conflicts. The King had to respect rights of the people,
and it is still in place today. It had 63 different clauses.
improved standards for slaves in France. Women still
had no rights, however.
· AMERICAN BILL OF RIGHTS ­ protects rights & freedom
of American citizens. There were hundreds of laws in
it.…read more

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· DICTATORSHIP ­ a form of government where
the leader has total power and does not allow
fair elections. (e.g. Hitler)
· DEMOCRACY ­ a form of government where
people share power, and vote to elect people.
(e.g. Obama)…read more

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