How a law is formed

How a bill becomes a law

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How a bill becomes a law
The bills are introduced in the House of parliament or the House of lords. It is taken
forward if agreed to.
First Reading
The bill is read 3 times before it is passed. This is very brief for the first time and
then it is printed (there is no debate).
Second reading
Members debate about the general principles of the bill.
Committee stage
A legislative committee is elected to examine the bill before second reading is
approved. Any recommended amendments are made.
Report Stage
Members make any amendments necessary.
Third reading
Members debate and vote on the bill (if amendments were carried).
Royal assent

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Other Houses of parliament
The other house (opposite to the one that introduced the bill) would get the bil l and
read and understand it.
Royal Assent
This is now a formality where the Queen gives consent to the Bill becoming law.
The Bill is now an Act of Parliament and becomes law.…read more


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