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Rights and Responsibilities

People are entitled to food and drink, vaccines, be free unless you have committed a crime or serving a sentence given .  Equality and freedom of speech, being happy, do stuff yourself education, Believe what you want without committing a crime these are all things that all us humans are entitled to

  • Everyone has the right to be heard without interruption
  • Everyone has the right to learn Everyone has the right to not feel unsafe
  • Everyone has the right to learn in the correct environment
  • The Universal declaration of human rights was founded in 1948

More Rights

  •  Everyone is born free and equal
  • Don't Discriminate
  • The right to life
  • No slavery
  • No Torture
  • You have rights no matter where you go
  • We're all equal before the law
  • Your human rights are protected by the law
  • No unfair detainment
  • The right to a fair trial
  • We're all innocent till proven guilty
  • The right to privacy
  • Freedom to move
  • The right to seek a safe place to Live
  • Right to a nationality
  • Right to marriage
  • Right to your own things
  • Right to freedom of thought
  • Right to freedom of Expression

Power, Politics and the Media

The Media

Media- Any form of Communication


  •  You get information quickly
  • Delivers to small and large audiences
  • Satisfies different needs
  • Quick and easy
  • Informative
  • Educational


  • Wrong information might…


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