Holbeck Hall Worksheet (To help you with your revision)

Hi everyone, this is to help you with holbeck Hall it is laid out as a exam style question use other resoucres to help you answer this question. This would useally be 6 marks on the foundation paper and 8 marks on the higher paper. 

This is just to give you a glance of what the questions might be like! 

Good luck if you are taking any of your geography exams. Hope this helps! :D 

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Holbeck Hall, Scarborough
In 1993 6m metres of cliff slid into the beach
The clay eventually slipped down along the lubricated sand and gravel layers until it
reached a flatter angle and became stabilised.
Since the Holbeck Hall Hotel perched on top of the weakened boulder clay cliffs as
theses slide down towards the sea part of the hotel was also carried down the cliff.
What were the causes of the landslide?

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