Tourism Revision Notes

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Growth in Tourism

There's been a Global Increase in Tourism Over the Last 60 Years

Tourism's a growing industry-people are having more holidays and longer holidays:

  • People have more disposable cash (spare cash) than they used to, so they can afford to go on more holidays
  • Companies give more paid holidays than they used to. This means people have more free time, so go on holiday more.
  • Travel has become more cheaper(particularly air travel) so more people can afford to go on holiday.
  • Holiday providers,e.g tour companies and hotels, now use the Internet to sell their products to people directly, which makes them cheaper. Again, this means more people can afford to go away.

Some areas are also becoming more popular than they used to be because:

  • Improvements in transport(e.g more airports) have made it quicker and easier to get to places-no more week-long boat trips to Australia for a start.
  • Countries in more unusuaal tourist destinations like the Middle East and Africa have…


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