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Year 11 Higher 2014
Population Change
Reason for world population growth
Demographic transition model and population pyramids
Impact of urbanisation, agricultural change, education and emancipation of women on population
Population policies linked to ageing populations, problems and strategies in EU countries
Population policies (birth control and non-birth control)
Population decline and how it hinders economic development in an ageing population
Ageing and youthful populations
Migration ­ Push and Pull / Different types / negative effects for donor and host/ positive effects
for donor and host
Movements to the EU / Within EU
Migration to EU ­ Libya and Tunisia to Italy
Migration in EU ­ Poland to UK
Population change ­ Policy ­ China One Child Policy
Population Change ­ Non-birth Control ­ Indonesia (Java to Borneo and Sumatra)
Ageing Population ­ dealing with elderly and raising BR- UK
Reasons for world population growth
-most growth is from LEDCs
-issues with LEDCs and rural living/ agriculture/education/emancipation of women (see below)
Factors affecting population growth:
- emancipation of women ; as women are
educated they want careers and so have
less children. They also have better
education and know how to use
- urbanisation ; as more people live in
towns/cities they work in industry and need
less children as they don't rely on agriculture
so farm labour is not needed
- education ; increased education means that
people are more likely to work in industry and women have careers. Contraception is used effectively
(see emancipation of women and urbanisation above).
Population Change

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DTM and pop pyramids
Understanding population pyramids
Population policies linked to ageing
populations in EU countries
England has an ageing pop.
Southport- 26% of population >65
· England and Wales- 18% >65
· 2031- Southport will have 37.…read more

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Where is money spent on the elderly?
· Health care
­ High levels of health care are needed and long term care of the elderly can be
­ Provide more health care e.g. retirement homes, hospital beds, more undertakers, etc.
­ Need more skilled health care workers, e.g. nurses, doctors, etc.
­ Allowances and benefits; e.g.…read more

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City parents may buy a permit (1 year's wages) for a 2nd child, this aims to reduce the number of
children of rural families where there is a decreasing demand for farm labour.
- In most rural areas, families are allowed to apply to have a second child if their first-born is a
daughter or suffers from physical disability, mental illness or a mental disability
For those with one child :
1. Free Education for your one child.
2.…read more

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Why was the policy needed?:
· 60% of Indonesia's population live on Java - making the population density very high,
especially in Jakarta, the capital
· People migrate to Jakarta in large numbers to find work
· The government needed to stop Jakarta's urban growth
· The migration has only had a small impact because it moves far fewer people than the
population increase on Java
· The administration is inefficient
· The costs to the government are high
· The programme relies on…read more

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Benefits Problems
For host country, e.g. m ore workers, skills Strain on resources, higher
UK unemployment
For source/home Less pressure on country, loss of workers; brain drain
country, e.g.…read more

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Positive impacts on the UK Negative impacts on the UK…read more

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Mass Tourism in the tropics ­ Kenya, Africa (Coral coast and savannah)
Extreme Environments ­ Antarctica
Eco Tourism ­ Masai Tents in Kenya
Reasons for tourism growth:
· Long haul tourism has grown:
-advertising (knowledge of different
-fashion e.g. Dubai (David Beckham
owns a house on a Palm-shaped
Island). Kenya's safaris are not
fashionable anymore.…read more


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