History Notes (Weimar Germany)

Notes to help with an exam technique for answering the 10 mark question in the Weimar Germany section of the History B GCSE course.

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25.04.12 Spartacist Uprising Usefulness
How useful is Source C for studying the aims of the Spartacists in 1919? (10 marks)
Useful Not Useful
Content "allow people...democracy" n/a
Destroy Weimar
Abolish personal freedom and
Restrict free speech
Reliability (NOP) Agreeing with knowledge Origin of source makes the source less
Contemporary; at the time, reflects reliable
what was happening Weimar is hostile to Spartacists as they
are the opposition; they are trying to
portray them in a negative light
Content + Reliability = Usefulness
All sources have some USE.
N- Poster
O- Weimar government, 1919
P- Addressed to German people o warn people against joining Spartacists and supporting them,
reassure German people that Weimar is strong and has the ability to look after its people
This source is very one-sided. It is a particular point of view.


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