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History Revision Notes: Hitler's Foreign Policy

1) What were Hitler's Foreign Policy Aims: Hitler's CATS
C- To defeat Communism: Hitler blamed the communists for Germany's defeat in World
War One, and he feared they were trying to take over Germany. He was determined to
destroy communism, and this meant a…

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6) Anschluss 1934
Hitler tried Anschluss with Austria in 1934, however was stopped by Italy's Mussolini,
who told Hitler that if he took one step into the country, he would take military action on
him. However this was during a time when relations between Hitler and Mussolini were
poor, in…

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10) Appeasement: The appeasement policy was the efforts by France and Britain in the 1930s to
allow Nazi Germany to have pretty much anything it wanted in the hopes that eventually
Hitler would be appeased and cease his aggressive policies.
11) Reasons for appeasement
Britain and it's allies were concerned…

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September 22, Chamberlain and Hitler met again. Hitler decided he wanted more,
becoming more confident. He demanded immediate occupation without plebiscites.
Chamberlain was disappointed, as he wanted to work through it peacefully, but
prepared Britain for war. He then received a letter inviting him to the Munich
13) Munich…

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and France were appeasing Hitler, as Hitler's demands were heading eastwards, and
was not convinced they would be reliable allies.
Consequences: It meant that Hitler's attack on Poland was inevitable. It made Hitler
assume that Britain wouldn't act towards his attack on Poland, as they previously had at
Munich. Especially…


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