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History Revision Notes: Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations

1) Important decisions at the Paris Peace Conference about what was to happen to
Germany were taken by the Big three:

George Clemenceau (France):

Clemenceau was furious about Germany, as most of the watr was fought in France, and…

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Reparations- Germany had to pay for all the damage of the war- a sum was
eventually set at £6.6b. They were paid in instalments until 1984

Germany territory- Some of Germany's most productive land was take from them.
Alsace & Lorraine was given back to France. The Saar Coalfields were…

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destroyed during the war - damage which was being repaired right up until
Germany still intact politically, and she still had the potential to become a
powerful state - all her industry was still intact and still had access to raw
materials. In 1925, it was producing twice as…

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Economic cooperation especially in business and trade

26 signed the Covenant of the League

7) Most Powerful members of the League:



8) Coutries which were not allowed to join the League:

Germany: Germany was refused entry to the League. They had been forced to
accept the treaty of…

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issues for example, The World Health Organisation (WHO), The Refugee
Organisation and The Slavery Commission.

The Secretariat- Permanent officials paid by the League, who did all administrative
functions on a day to day basis. It kept records of the Leagues activities and
prepared reports. It was divided into sections for…


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