GCSE History - Cuban Missiles Crisis Timeline and consequences

This is a word 2003 document which contains notes about the Cuban Missiles Crisis and the consequences.

It is part of the course studied at GCSE (Edexcel board - unsure about the others) but can be used if this is studied outside GCSE course.

It is written in the format of a timeline. Consequences are just note form.

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20th January 2009
History Homework ­ Notes
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
Cuba had been a long ally of USA
1959 ­ Castro overthrew Bastista
19591961 Frosty relationship < "procommunist" rule in Cuba, `threat' for USA
Jan. 1961 ­ USA breaks relations with Cuba (and doesn't buy sugar but Cuba sells it to
USSR instead) and Cuba receives more support from USSR
April 1961 ­ Bay of Pigs (attempt to overthrow Castro) > resulted in Soviet arms pouring
into Cuba for protection
May 1962 ­ USSR declares support to Cuba with arms
o But why put missiles on Cuba?
To bargain with USA
To test the USA
To get the upper hand in the arms race
To defend Cuba
To trap USA
... See page 351 Walsh...
July 1962 ­ Cuba had best arms in Latin America
September 1962 ­ Cuba was equipped with missiles, tanks, radar vans, jet bombers etc.
< USA very very worried
Sunday 14th October 1962 ­ U2 spy plane flew over Cuba and reported that missiles
were in Cuba < USA now even more worried
Tuesday 16th October 1962 ­ Kennedy informed of missiles in Cuba and had the
following choices:
o Do nothing
o Surgical air attack
o Invasion
o Blockade
o Diplomatic pressures
Saturday 20th October 1962 ­ Blockade ordered
Monday 22nd October 1962 ­ Announces blockade and calls for the USSR to withdraw
their missiles
Wednesday 24th October 1962 ­ Blockade begins (stretched 3300 km around Cuba and
156 ICBMs were made ready for combat)
Thursday 25th October 1962 ­ Missiles still continued to be built (very quickly too)
Friday 26th October 1962 ­ Kennedy receives a letter from Khrushchev (this is the more
personal one)
Saturday 27th October 1962 ­ Receives second letter which is more formal. U2 spy
plane is shot in Cuba, and Kennedy is forced to take action. After consultation, he decides
to pretend not to have received the second letter and agree to the terms of the first, attack is
threatened if Khrushchev doesn't agree
Sunday 28th October 1962 ­ Khrushchev replies and removes the missiles

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January 2009
Outcome of the crisis:
Cuba stayed Communist and highly armed (but no missiles)
Both leaders appeared superior in their country
o Kennedy had taken on Khrushchev and freed USA from nuclear war
o Khrushchev got USA worried, showed USA that USSR was strong and got
missiles removed from Turkey
Both leaders realised how close it was to the start of a nuclear war and later wanted to do
almost everything to prevent it
o Hotline set up between White House and Kremlin to…read more


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