GCSE History - Cuban Missiles Crisis Timeline and consequences

This is a word 2003 document which contains notes about the Cuban Missiles Crisis and the consequences.

It is part of the course studied at GCSE (Edexcel board - unsure about the others) but can be used if this is studied outside GCSE course.

It is written in the format of a timeline. Consequences are just note form.

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20th January 2009

History Homework ­ Notes
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Cuba had been a long ally of USA
1959 ­ Castro overthrew Bastista
19591961 Frosty relationship < "procommunist" rule in Cuba, `threat' for USA
Jan. 1961 ­ USA breaks relations with Cuba (and doesn't buy sugar but Cuba sells…

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20th January 2009

Outcome of the crisis:

Cuba stayed Communist and highly armed (but no missiles)
Both leaders appeared superior in their country
o Kennedy had taken on Khrushchev and freed USA from nuclear war
o Khrushchev got USA worried, showed USA that USSR was strong and got
missiles removed…


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