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Dismissed the importance of the Hossbach Protocol of 5 November 1937
"Germany fought specifically in the Second World War to reverse the
verdict of the first and to destroy the settlement which followed lt. Her
opponents fought, though less consciously, to defend this settlement"
"The war…

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Overy, Richard, History Today 2009

Taylor argued that Hitler was doing little more than Bismarck had done
in trying to create a strong German state
Hitler had some kind of blueprint for aggression which led inevitably to
war and the desire for imperial conquest
Most historians now reject the idea…

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Mien Kampf and the Zweite Buch are pieces of evidence for this

AJP Taylor
Hitler had no clear aims and was an opportunist
Mein Kampf was mainly daydreams
Events took places because the circumstances, not because of Hitler's
Challenged consensus that Hitler followed a clearly devised plan
No specific…

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Resentment of the humiliation at Versailles and the loss of traditional
German lands ran deep
Actions were taken to reverse this humiliation
o Introduction of conscription in 1935
o Entry into the Rhineland in 1936
Hitler did not have a blueprint for war

Ian Kershaw
Disagreed with the view of…

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The establishment of the protectorate (the relation of a strong state
towards a weaker state) ­ the basis for the conquest of Poland was
No body can avoid fighting if he does not want to go under


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