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Interpreting the French Revolution

Taken from "Thirteen Transformation in the Historiography of the Revolution" by Francois

Firstly interpreted in terms of class struggle:

This was by the liberal historians of the Restoration, before Marx whom's explanation
of history would remain similar, but the outcome and actors were different


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Upheld the idea that the absolute monarchy's power was autonomous relative to
society, the arbiter between the nobility and Third Estate
20th Century Marxist historiography sees the absolute state as aristocratic, governing
in the interests of a formerly feudal class that still retained its social dominance.

"The French Revolution is…

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American Independence. He sought alliance with France to counterbalance
British predominance whilst avoiding France as a whole. Charles left a country
in peace and in full progress and it took some for the 1789 French Revolution
to break the policy of nonintervention. The rise of Spanish nationality in foreign


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