Henry VII- Yorkshire Rebellion 1489

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Henry VII- Yorkshire Rebellion 1489


  • Henry VII has reputation for greed/ harsh control over money. He announced a tax of a tenth to fund the defence of Brittany against the French in 1489, Disliked as it was based on income.
  • Henry Percy made a speech in Yorkshire encouraging them to pay but was lynched by a mob.
  • Crowd was upset because, north paid less tax for defence as they were defending border with Scotland. Durham and York refused to pay. Percy murder shows hostility against Henry VII.


  • Parliament of 1489 gave Henry a subsidy of £100,000 to defend Brittany. King received 27,000.
  • Rebels that killed Percy turned to Sir John Egremont- a Yorkist sympathiser. Would fight against kings evil councillors.
  • Henry accompanied Earl of Surrey to stop rebels, some of the leaders were hanged however, Egremont escaped to Burgundy to the court of Margaret of Burgundy.

Overall summary

Impact : Limited Henry's foreign policy ambitions.


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