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Louisa Harris 09.01.13
Self-Concept, Self-Esteem and Self-Image
Raised self esteem
Confidence can be effected
Make social relations
Develop individual self-worth
Negative/ positives
Happy with own life and self
Unhappy with own life and self
Family and friends
High/ low self ­esteem/concept/image
Example Exam Questions
1. January 2011- Q1d) discuss how unemployment may have affected Paul's self-concept.
2. January 2008- Q3d) discuss the benefits of a positive self-concept in early adulthood.
3. January 2010- Q1e) discuss how Julie's self-concept may be affected by Hassim returning
home to live with parents.
4. May 2010-Q1c) discuss the possible effect of moving to sheltered housing on Sam's
5. June 2009- Q1c) explain how the experience of primary school may affect Omar's
Q) Discuss the benefits of a positive self-concept in early adulthood.
One benefit of having a positive self-concept in early adulthood may be that a person may have a
raised self-esteem. This may be due to them feeling good about themselves and being surrounded
by other people that make them feel good resulting in them having a raised self-esteem. Having a
positive self-concept can also raise an individual's confidence which would benefit someone as they
may be happier and more confident around friends, families and peers. Having a positive
self-concept may also help someone develop a sense of individual self-worth. This could benefit
someone as they could feel more comfortable and happy in themselves, and be satisfied and fully
aware with the person that they are. Their self-worth may also be higher if they have a high
self-concept because they may be able to evaluate themselves as a person and be aware of how to
improve on their self-concept by doing this. A person in early adulthood also may be looking to start
their own life, and may be interested in a new career or having children and a family of their own.
Having a positive self-concept may benefit them as they may have a more positive out-look on life
and challenges they face, and by being confident in themselves, they may be able to control their
own personal situations better.


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