Bipolar Disorder revision

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  • Bipolar Disorder
    • Causes
      • No known cause
      • Chemical imbalalnce in the brain
      • Genetics
      • Triggers: abuse, death of a loved one
    • Impact on individual
      • Social isolation
      • Emotional and physical implications
      • Breakdown of relationships
    • Impact on the family
      • Emotional difficulties: guilt, stress
      • Health implications
      • Financial stress & debts
      • Social isolation & feeling alone
    • Barriers
      • Employment- prejudice, may not think individual is suitable
      • Educational:frequent absenses, need to work harder to keep up
      • Societal: prejudice, lead individual to question their self worth
      • Economic: Strain on public services and sick pay
      • Environment-al: loud, busy places may trigger an episode or sensory overload
    • Risks
      • Bullying: target as they display unusual behaviour
      • Abuse: taken advantage of, do things they dont want to
      • Stress: may loose job, or relationship issues
      • Self harm: depressive period, low self esteem, question self worth
      • Social isolation: depressive- want to be alone, mania- socially rejected
    • Legislation
      • Mental Health Act (2007): allows admition & treatment against wishes
      • Mental Capacity Act (2005): protection to vulnerable people who can't make their own decisions
      • Disability Discriminati-on Act (2005): Protects people from unequal treatment
      • Equality Act (2010): Ensures equal treatment to everyone
      • Safegarding Vulnerable People Act (2006): protects vulnerable people from people who may cause harm to them
    • Support & services
      • Bipolar UK
      • Mind
      • Rethink
      • SANE
      • Community mental health teams (CMHT) Local asesments, treatment & social care
      • Crisis services: in home treatment (acute episode)
      • Assertive outreach teams: intense treatment & rehab
    • Symptoms
      • Depression
        • Feeling sad, hopeless, guilt, dispair, epmty, self doubt worthless, pessimistic, suicidal
        • Difficult to concentrate, remember & loss of interest
        • No energy, no appetite, trouble sleeping & wake up early
        • Halucinating&/or illogical thinking
      • Mania
        • Feeling happy, energised, important,having great ideas or important plans, talking quickly
        • Easily distracted, irritated or agitated
        • Halucinating &/or illogical thinking
        • Not eating or sleeping
        • Doing disastrous things, doing and saying risky things


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