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Graphics Exam
Revision Quiz…read more

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Try again…read more

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Question 1
Which is best for packaging frozen
A) Foil-lined Board
B) Solid White Board
C) Corrugated Board…read more

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Question 2
Which metal rusts?
A) Aluminium
B) Tin
C) Steel…read more

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Question 3
What is a property of Polymorph?
A) Temperature turns it translucent
B) Soft and mouldable at 60 degrees
C)Appears dark when light falls on it…read more

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Question 4
Which is a feature of carbon fibre
A)Can be formed into complex one piece structures
B) Comes in any colour
C) High Strength and weight…read more

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Reegan Howles


Brilliant resource, changed my perspective on life

Josef Oliver


Really great resource, I love the last slide! makes you feel so good for getting all the way to the end!

Joe Rapley


Best resource out there



it is MEDIOCRE at the best of times

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