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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

Materials and components Page No.
1) Sketching Techniques -2
2) Types and properties if paper, card and boards -2
3) Thermoplastics -4
4) Smart and modern materials -5
5) Key Designers -8

Process and manufacture
1) Techniques and processes -9
2) Presentation -…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

Materials and components

Sketching Techniques

Freehand sketching ­ straight lines, freehand curves

Pictorial drawings ­ 2D, 3D, crating, plans (front elevation etc.)

Equipment ­ pencils, paper, marker pens, graphic liner pens, computer-aided design (CAD)

Improving a sketch ­ thick and thin lines, tonal shading,…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

`Virgin' paper is made from 100% wood pulp and does not contain any recycled paper

Paper and boards vary in thickness and surface finish depending on their required usage

Boards can be modified with coatings or combined with other materials to give different qualities


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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

4 main cartonboards

Material Characteristics Uses
Solid bleached board Highest quality white top printable Perfumes, chocolates, cigarettes
Solid unbleached board Brown, very strong Drinks
Folding boxboard White top layer with cream bottom Toys, games
White lined chipboard Recycled board with a white top…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

Types and properties of plastics

Name Properties Uses
Bioplastic Biodegradable, based on plants All sorts of food packaging
Clear or coloured
Cellulose acetate Partially biodegradable, based on plants Photocopiable clear film and film for
but with added chemicals cameras
Clear but not tough
Acrylic Stiff…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

A smart material is a material that responds to a stimulus like heat or light and then returns to its original
stare when the stimulus is removed

Thermochromic materials

Materials change colour depending on their temperature

Used to attract or warn the consumer
Easily printed…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

Fully biodegradable
Light weight ­ saves on transport and emissions
DVD and CD case inserts

Lyocell ­ a high-strength paper fibre produced from wood pulp

Totally biodegradable
Makes special papers for tea bags, coffee filters and strong envelopes

Polymorph ­ a special plastic often used…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

Harry Beck ­ graphic designer
Alberto Alessi ­ manufacturer
Jock Kinnear and Margaret Calvert ­ graphics designers
Wally Olins ­ brand consultant
Robert Sabuda ­ author, illustrator and `pop-up' book designer


Designed the London Underground map
It is a non-geographical map
The distance…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox


Techniques and processes

Models, mock-ups and prototypes are used by designers to refine the design process and to communicate
ideas to clients, they are usually 3D models but can be 2D drawings

A model is a graphic representation of the item you are designing…

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Graphics Revision ­ Charlotte Cox

Expanded Block File or rasp Great for 3D Difficult to Cut in a well No
Abrasive paper achieve a ventilated
polystyrene modelling models place
Filler (plaster of high-quality
Wear a mask
Paris) surface finish
to protect
Acrylic paint from dust
Balsa Wood Block File or…


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