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define planned obselesence
something that is designed deliberatley for a specific life spam. making the customers need to continueously buy there product/service.
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suggest a safety reason for planned obselesence
sell-by dates on food
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suggest one disadvatage of planned obselescence
can be bad for the enviroment
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define 'carbon footprint'
the measurement of a persons negetive imapct on the enviroment.
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what is acarbon foot print usually measured in?
the amount of greenhouse gasess given produced in our everyday lives.
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what is a rich picture?
a representation of the ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint.
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what is a product life cycle?
the products time from it's manufacture to it's recycling or disposal.
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what is an example of a product with a short life cycle?
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explain the stages of the life cycle of a newspaper.
1) trees are cut down, 2)rolls of paper are used to produce the daily newspaper, 3)after reading it - it is recycled or put in a dustbin which ends up in a landfield site, 4)newspapers from recycled bin is processed back into pulp & created into pape
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give 3 advantages of recycled products.
1)good for the enviroment, 2)makes materials last longer, 3)usually cheaper to buy than new products.
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define 'sustainiblity'
that things can keep going & continue into the future and go on forever.
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what are the four things we need to do to ensure sustainibilty of materials.
1)reduce our dependence on fosil fuels & heavy metals, 2)reduce our dependence on synthetic chemicals that are preserved in nature, 3)reduce our distruction on nature, 4)ensure we are not stopping people globally from reaching there needs.
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what will happen to the demand of food, water ect when the population increases?
the demand increases
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what can humans do to help nature?
pollute less and waste less.
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what is a coniferous tree?
a tree that bears cones and have needle shaped leaves that stay green all year round.
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what is a deciduous tree?
a tree that has flat leaves thst fall out in autumn.
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is timber from a coniferous tree hard or soft?
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is timber from a decidous tree hard or soft?
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give 3 examples of hard woods.
mahogany, teak, oak
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give an example of a soft wood
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give 3 examples of man-made woods.
chip board, hard board , plywood
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what are the qualities of oak wood?
expensive, commonly used for quality furniture.
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what are the qualities a ply wood?
moisture resistant, weather proof.
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what are the qualities of pine?
cheap, commomly used for furniture, pale in colour, easy to cut & shape.
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name the six 'R's
recycle, re-use, reduce, re-think, repair, refuse
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define 'recycle'
taking a material & breaking it back down to it's raw materials then making it into sometging new.
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define 're-think'
the re thinking of the materials used to make the products life span longer.
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define 're-use'
the use of something multiple times
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give a reason to refuse something
might be unethical.
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what do manufactures commonly seak?
naturally sourced materials.
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what is a smart material?
a smart material is how a property that changes when it's enviroment changes.
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can a smart materials properties that have changed with the enviroment be reversible?
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what is thermo chromic paint/ ink?
paint which canges colour in diffrent tempretures, eg: a baby's thermometer for the bath.
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name 4 enviromental cahnges that might happen and effect the properties of a smart material.
1)tempreture, 2) pressure, 3)light, 4)moisture.
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what is shape-memory alloy (SMA)?
SMA's wire is called nitinol this material can be 'programed' to remember the shape by heating it to 150 degrees whilst being clamped in the shape wanted. if later it becomes deformed you can heat it and it will return to it's original shape.
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give 2 advantages of thermo chromic ink/paint.
safe to use/non toxic, and reacts quickly.
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what is hydrochromic inks?
an ink which changes when in contact with moistyre, eg: a gardener put's it in their soil and if a colour change occours it shows there is moisture in the soil.
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what is aroma pigments?
inks that release aromas when scratched or rubbed.
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what is photochromic ink?
an ink which darkens when light increases, eg: regular glasess to sunglasess.
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what is concrete made up of?
small stones & gravel called aggregate, sharp sand, cement and water.
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give on pro & con of concrete.
has a good strengh under compression but weak in tension.
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what can you add to concrete to make it better under tension?
steel rods.
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what is fibre glass often refered as?
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
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what does the patter of weave in gpa determine?
the strenght & weight of it.
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give 3 properties of glass reinforced plastic.
light weight, good thermal insulation, high strenght to weight ratio.
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what products is it useful in?
water tanks, surfboards, canoes.
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what are the main 2 uses of glass reinforced plastics?
grp piping, part of a grp water slide for a swimming pool.
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what is carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)?
a construction material.
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which is the 'better' material carbon fibre reinforced polymers or glass reinforced plastic?
carbon fibre reinforced polymers.
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what is carbon fibre reinforced polymers commonly used for?
te manufacturing of expensive sports cars, expensive competition bicycles, frames on a motor bike, forks, handle bars ect
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what are 2 properties of CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymers)
light weight and strong.
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what is kevlar?
a material formed by combinding para-phenylenediamine and terephthaloyl chloride.
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name 2 properties of kevlar.
strong & flexible.
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what are the 3 main types of kevlar?
1) kevlar, 2)kevlar 29, 3)kevlar 49.
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what is kevlar 29?
a material used in the manufacturing of body armour,
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what is kevlar 49?
a material used for specialist boat hulls.
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name 4 advantages of kevlar.
1)low weight, 2)high strenght, 3)stable in high tempretures, 4)scratch resistant.
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name 4 disadvantages of kevlar.
1)absorbs moisture, 2)bad under compressive force, 3)difficult to cut and shape, 4)reacts badly to uv light.
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what are 2 advantges of modelling?
helps to spot and solve problems & gives a visual of final product.
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name 4 commonly used modelling materials.
plastic corigated sheets, foam core board, expanded polstrine foam, modelling styrofoam.
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give an advantage of using foam core board in your model.
graphics can be designed onto it.
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give an advantage of using plastic corigated polerstrine.
can be recycled.
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give an advantage f usng modelling styrofoam.
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what does CAD stand for?
computer aided design
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give an example of CAD
2D design
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what does CAM stand for?
computer aided manufacturing.
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give an example of CAM.
3D printer.
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what are 3 pro's of having aprototype?
1)help avoid making expensive mistakes 2)can get feedback eg:from afocus group, 3) make sure it will be safe.
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what r 2 pro's of one-of production?
can spend more time on it, more detail can go on it.
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what is an advantage of mass-prodution?
quick & afordable.
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what is cartridge paper used for?
general drawings and it will take colour from pens, pencils ect without letting too much seak through to the other side.
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sum up cardboard
it is a thicker than paper, is made up of a number of layers, and can be folded to produce a packaging.
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what is duplex board used for?
contains, or to contain liquids, may have waterproof lining, and is mainly used by food industries for there packaging.
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what is solid white board?
a top quality card board made from bleached wood pulp, and is mainly used for hard backed books.
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what is corrugated board?
a type of board commonly used for packaging of large electrical items, it is very strong as it consists of 2 layers with atriangular patern in the middle.
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what is foil linned board?
a good quality cardboard, with an alliuminum linning, and is the ideal packaging for ready made meals.
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what is tracing paper?
a paper used commonly by students and designers, it helps nd allows someone to move a already esisting deisng from one place to another and also allows designers to layer you ther designs.
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what is polythene (LDPE)
A softer plastic commonly used for plastic bags,
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what is tin plate & alluminium?
tin plate - used for cans, screw tops, areosoles. alluiminum- used for trays, wrapping, drink cans.
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what is paper and cellulose film?
an material which is generally used for labels, cartons, boxes and wrappings.
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it can be moulded into shapes, manufactured into diffrent colours, and commonly used as packagings of liquids.
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what is polyvinyl chloride (PVC)?
a plastic used for soft drink containers.
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what is corriguated cardboard manufactured form?
recycled card
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what is the triangular lining in between two sheets of card boards called?
a flute
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define 'strengh'
The ability of a material to stand up to forces being applied without it bending, breaking, shattering or deforming in anyway
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define 'elasticicty'
The ability of a material to absorb force and flex in different directions, returning to its original position.
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define 'plasticity'
The ability of a material to be change in shape permanently.
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define 'ductility'
The ability of a material to change shape (deform) usually by stretching along its length.
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define 'tensile strengh'
The ability of a material to stretch without breaking or snapping
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define 'malleabilty'
The ability of a material to be reshaped in all directions without cracking
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define 'toughness'
A characteristic of a material that does not break or shatter when receiving a blow or under a sudden shock.
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define 'hardness'
The ability of a material to resist scratching, wear and tear and indentation.
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define 'conductivity'
The ability of a material to let electricity pass through.
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