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S Satish
GCSE D&T Graphics : OCR
Specification…read more

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Materials and
Components…read more

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Properties of
graphic materials…read more

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Different materials have different properties....
Strength: Hardness: This is the ability to
Toughness: This is the opposite of
This is the ability to withstand withstand scratching, rubbing or
brittle and if a material is tough it
forces. Things may need to resist denting. Many high-quality graphic
can absorb impacts without
pulling forces, squashing forces products need to be hard to avoid
breaking or snapping.
and forces trying to bend them. this.
Strength to weight ratio:
Impact Resistance: This is the Flexibility: Flexible materials can Materials that are strong but don't
ability to withstand a sudden force bend without breaking. Electrical weigh much have a good (high)
without cracking. Copper has a wires must be flexible so that they strength to weight ratio. This is
good impact resistance and it can can curve around things and rulers important for things like spacecraft
be hit with a hammer and it will not are flexible so they bend quite a bit and racing cars which need to be
shatter. before breaking. strong but also light enough for
Aesthetic properties: the way a material looks can be important when deciding what material to use. Colour,
texture, pattern and how thing reflect light can be important too.
Opaque: means light cant travel through it (its not see through e.g. a brick)
Translucent: means some light travels through it (e.g. a thin coloured acrylic sheet)
Transparent: means light travels easily through it (e.g. clear glass)…read more

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Different factors affect your selection of material....
What demands will be Some materials are If the material is going
Physical Properties
made on the material? easier to join than to be seen, it needs to
- for example it might others ­ for example look good ­ for
have to hold heavy wood can be glued, example if it needs to fit
loads or be able to nailed and screwed in with a certain
bend or protect things easily environment it has to
from impact The materials has to look e.g. modern
Will it be used be suitable for the The finish that you
outdoors or indoors? - intended production apply will change the
for example if it's going method and/or the appearance of the
to be outdoors you method to the material ­ for example
need to consider material ­ For example painting wood can
whether the used you can't use injection protect it but the wood
material has a moulding with wood wont look rustic
resistance to corrosion but you can with anymore
plastics…read more

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Paper, card
and board…read more

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