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Good and Evil & Religion and Science

Good and Evil


Epicurus' view was that God cannot be all-loving and all-powerful at the same
time, meaning that God cannot possibly exist; if he is all-powerful, he is not
all-loving as he is not preventing evil on Earth, and if he…

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Good and Evil & Religion and Science

Suffering is an old problem for religious people, particularly for those who believe
that God is:

all-powerful all-knowing all-loving

There are two types of evil:

Natural Evil = suffering caused by events that have nothing to do…

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Good and Evil & Religion and Science

Evil and suffering are necessary for us to grow in power, freedom and
We were created imperfectly with the form but not the content of God.

This theory is evolutionary rather than bible-dependent. Evil is teleological ­ its
purpose is to facilitate…

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Good and Evil & Religion and Science

Religion and Science


Raw Materials...
Hydrogen & Helium

Galaxies moving apart as if they started at the same point ­ they are
expanding. (The Inflation Theory)
Redshift Theory = the further away a galaxy is, the faster it appears…

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Good and Evil & Religion and Science

Lower back pain
Varicose veins
Weak, exposed veins
Obstetric difficulties
Weak knees

BUT, there is evidence for this, as...

The universe has order, purpose and regularity ­ e.g. the rotation of the
planets, natural law.
The complexity of the universe shows evidence…

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Good and Evil & Religion and Science

From this, the concept of stewardship was created.

STEWARDSHIP = the belief that the human species should work with the natural
world, protect it and nourish it, rather than abuse it or work against it.


Charles Darwin wrote the book `On the…


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