AS: Philiosophy: Philosophy of Religion: Biblical Creation

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  • God as Creator
    • Biblical Creation
      • Genesis 1
        • World made in 6 days
        • Transcendent + pre-existent
        • Creation described as good
        • Humans paramount
      • Genesis 2
        • Pre-existing matter
        • God causes everything that exists to exist as it exists by his command
        • Made man in his own image
        • man given dominion + is steward to world
        • Humans paramount
    • God as the Craftsman
      • Genesis 2 + 3
      • Man from dust
      • In Job 38 God described as designer who laid foundations of earth
    • Creatio ex Nihilo
      • Creation out of nothing
      • Not found in Genesis however it is implied from God creating by word
    • Biblical God VS Prime Mover
      • Aristotle's God interested in world
      • Prime mover is final cause
      • Prime mover unchanging, transendant and impersonal
      • Judeo Christian God loves and sustains the world
      • Biblical God portrayed though anthropomorphic language
      • Both see God as responsible
    • Evaluation
      • Belief in God challenged by science
      • Biblical stories interpreted as symbolic gives a clearer message
      • Biblical language can sometimes make God seem too human
      • If God is craftsman then why are there so many faults?


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