God as a Creator vs. Prime Mover

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  • God as Creator vs. Prime Mover.
    • Aristotle's God is not interested in the world.
    • Aristotle's God is the Final Cause and Prime Mover.
      • He believed that there was a 'common source' of all substance.
        • Someone / Something that was responsible for the beginning of everything.
    • Aristotle believed that if there is potential eternal substance then an eternal world is possible.
      • World = eternal and actually necessary.
        • Eternal cause would act as the Efficient cause of a necessary world.
          • Opposes Plato's eternal forms - there could not be an eternal cause as they are merely ideas.
    • Aristotle's Prime Mover is unchanging, transcendent and impersonal.
      • J-C God = personal, transcendent .. but does act upon things within his creation therefore meaning that he is capable of change.
    • The God of the Bible is presented with anthropomorphic language, meaning giving human qualities to something that is not human.
    • Both views see God as being responsible for the world.


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