God as Creator

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  • God as Creator
    • If God created the universe then is he responsible for everything that happens in it?
      • saw everything he created as 'good'
      • Evil only became part of humanity after the fall
      • Some argue that after God had finished creating the world he allowed nature to take its course > concept of Free Will
      • Did God decide upon this punishment, out of a number of possibilities or is what happens to people the inevitable result of their actions?
        • We can either blame God or humanity for evil iin the world
    • The way the bible presents God as involved with his creation
      • Conflict between Genesis 1 and 2: though some say that they compliment eachother
      • Names creation, makes it personal
      • Humans are made in God's image, we look like him, we have dignity and have a moral sense as does God
      • Talks to Adam and Eve, perhaps bewfore the Fall, he was a more accessible being
    • Concept of omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence
      • If God is omniscient then he knew that Adam and Eve were going to eat from the tree of knowledge and therefore what is the point of testing them?
      • Traditional view that God is omnipresent, then, how is he seen walking around the garden of eden? therefore he is only in one place
    • Compare with Aristotle's Prime Mover
      • Prime Mover doesnt have intentions or make decisions because he is unmoving
      • Prime Mover, doesnt have any form or make any movements because that would make him corruptible.
        • However, doesn't imply that the anthropomorphic God has a body, just easy to explain
      • God is aware of the world whereas the Prime Mover, only knows of himself and thinks of himself
      • Both are responsible for the existence of the universe - they exist necessarily
    • Imagery as God as craftsman
      • Effortless creation: 'God said ... and so it was' - immediate fulfillment
      • Rule over creation
      • Names animals and plant and Adam: - depicts his power over his creation
      • Breathes life into Adam - animating the body, anthropomorphic qualities
        • 'Hammered' the vault of heaven over the skies
        • God walks through the garden of Eden
    • Concept of 'creatio ex nihilo'
      • God made the world out of nothing
      • Criticism: God is a designer not a creator for if matter is eternal then the universe created itself


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