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  • Aristotle
    • The Four Causes
      • There are four causes involved in the creative process
        • Efficient - what brings it about
        • Formal - Shape
        • Final - goal or purpose
        • Material - what it is made of
    • The Prime Mover
      • Since everything is in a constant state of change, there must be a unmovable cause
      • Pure form (reached full potential)
        • Everything is attracted to PM's perfection and wants to imitate it
          • Causes all movement through attraction
      • Causes all movement through attraction
      • Not the 'first push on a domino chain' but the Final Cause
    • Prime Mover vs God as Crafts man
      • Prime Mover
        • No way involved in creation
          • Only concerned with perfect beings (a.k.a. himself)
        • Does not move/create things physically
          • Drawn towards perfection
      • God
        • Actively involved in creation
        • Cares
        • Is seen as sustainer as well as creator


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