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Healthcare and Education…read more

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Healthcare…read more

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Historic causes of healthcare
· IMR and Mortality rate were because of
communicable diseases
· The passing of these diseases was due to a
poor standard of living (sanitation, nutrition,
over crowding ect.)
· The minority would have diseases based on
diseases of consumption (diabetes, heart
disease, malnutrition)…read more

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Cultural causes of healthcare
· Majority world have a dual burden with both communal
and affluence diseases
Botswana (36% of Adults are affected by HIV/AIDS
· Can't climb Rostow's ladder
· Labour force are being lost
· Economic liability
Communal diseases Affluence diseases
· HIV/AIDs · Diabetes
· 70% of all these cases are
on sub-Saharan Africa…read more

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Problems of mass healthcare
· Aid/ loans may be needed leading to dependency and debt
· Taxes may have to rise or privatisation needs to happen
(either way poor can't afford the healthcare)
Western Ideology
· Ethnocentric
· Ingenious knowledge undermined
Not enough Knowledge
· Western doctors and nurses needed (dependency created)
· Elitist
· Enlargement of education system…read more

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Modernisation and Healthcare
· Progression from traditional medicine to new
· Mass healthcare is introduced-> mixture of aid
and centralising the primary care system…read more

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A great summary of development of healthcare and education.

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