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*Population and
Global Development ­ Topic 5…read more

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2006: UN world population prospects
- Developing world had over 4x as big a population as
the developed world
- Infant mortality rate was over 7x more in the
developing world
- The crude birth rate was over double in the
developing world than the developed world
*intro…read more

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* The bigger the increases in population, the faster they won't be
able to feed themselves
* As a result there's a natural form of population control
* These natural checks that reduce the population are:
* Famine
* War
* Disease
* Malnutrition
* We should avoid overpopulation by abstaining from sex and
delaying marriage
*Neo-Malthusian theory ­
Thomas Malthus (1798)…read more

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*Supports Thomas Malthus
*The increase in population and the strain on
resources hasn't only led to famine, war,
disease and malnutrition
*Also leads to desertification, deforestation and
increasing pollution
*Neo-Malthusian theory ­
Paul Ehrlick (1968)…read more

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* Islam and Roman Catholicism is blamed
Paul Harrison (1990)
* These religions are against birth control
* Religion is also to blame for emphasizing the importance
of having sons rather than daughters
* Sons attract dowries, earn more than daughters and are
able to conduct funeral rites
* As a result men may want to have more children in order
to have more sons
* With women's low status and economic dependence on
men ­ they have no reproductive rights
This was in the 90's and is outdated...
e.g. the pope said condoms can be
used if population control is necessary
*Neo-Malthusian theory ­ Blame…read more

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* Due to women's status because of their low
educational level developing countries can't
* That means that half of the population (women)
aren't contributing to economic development
* The population growing too quickly is leading to a
lack of development
Theory…read more

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