Global Development Essay Questions


Global Development

18 Marks

·         Using material from Item B and elsewhere, assess the view that aid brings more harm than good to developing countries.

·         Assess the view that the rich countries of the world ‘are deliberately keeping poor countries poor’

·         Assess the impact of war and conflict on development.

·         Assess the view that global population growth is becoming ‘out of control’.

·         Using material from Item C and elsewhere, briefly examine why some sociologists see TNCs as an unhelpful force in the processes of development.

·         Examine the view that development causes ‘significant damage to the environment’

·         Assess the view that foreign aid may be harmful to developing countries

·         Assess the view that developing countries should adopt western-style healthcare systems and practices.

·         Assess the view that, while industrialisation may bring some benefits to a developing country, it may also bring many problems.

·         Assess the view that women in developing societies often suffer disadvantage.

33 Marks

·      Assess the impact of globalisation on the cultural, political and economic relationships between societies.

·         Evaluate the contribution of modernisation theorists to our understanding of global development.

·         Assess the view that increasing trade is a more effective strategy for development than increasing aid.

·         Evaluate the usefulness of Malthusian and neo-Malthusian theories for our understanding of population issues in the world today.

·         ‘Urbanisation is a normal part of development and it brings many benefits to those in developing countries.’  To what extent do sociological arguments…


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