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Gender and
Development…read more

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Measuring Development
Gender Development Index (GDI) Gender Employment Measure (GEM)
· Life expectancy · Public presence positions
· Fertility rates · Senior management roles
· Education availability · Politicians
· Literacy rates · Heads of state
· Senior bankers and investors
Gradual No Change
Improvement…read more

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Sen: Gender Inequalities
Type of Inequality Explanation
Nationality Patriarchal culture leads to child gender preference
and gender selective abortion
Morality Women generally outlive men, however this is not
true everywhere
Household Power within men may favour men and make
decision-making unfair. Gender Division of Labour
Basic Facilities Women lack access to institutions, in particular
Special Opportunities Beyond the basic facilities women encounter more
barriers with higher education
Professional Horizontal and vertical segregation in the workplace
restrict women's opportunities leading to under
Ownership Assets are shared unequally and can restrict women's
social influence and their ability to engage in buisness…read more

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There are 3 perspectives that explain how
women experience development:
· Integration Thesis
· Marginalisation Thesis
· Exploitation Thesis…read more

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Integration Thesis
Through Rostow's This challenges
Modernisation ladder women are patriarchy as
theory integrated into MNCs need
society women
Traditional Rostow's ladder Lead to financial
cultures are and development independence
patriarchal require this from men and less
attitude to change oppression…read more

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Marginalisation Thesis
Men are integrated Women are therefore
Dependency theory into society by excluded and become
working reliant on husbands
Colonial powers
brought a disragard This was imposed on Patriachal society
for women with them the societies created…read more

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Great ppt covering the topic of global development and gender which is comprehensive.

Izzy Bradshaw


Really useful for studying gender and development. This is a great resource for planning an essay with!

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