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Gender in the developing world
Globalisation ­ Topic 6…read more

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The MDG3
· The MDG3 was created to promote gender equality and
empower women.
· The MDG3 report in 2007 found that there is slow progress
towards gender equality occurring
· Women are increasingly in non-agricultural paid employment
Patriarchal control
· Patriarchal control in the developing world is still strong and can
threaten women's lives
· E.g. female circumcision, rape as a weapon of war, infanticide,
the suttee and the burkha…read more

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Explanations of the position of women in
developing countries ­ Van Der Gaag (2004)
· Today, the birth of a girl can lead to serious
human rights abuse
· For example, in Asia at least 60 million women
are missing due to sex selective abortion
· Once they are born, girls are often abandoned
or under nourished leading to early deaths…read more

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Explanations of the position of women in
developing countries ­ Modernisation Theory
· Modernisation theory blames internal cultural factors for gender
inequalities in developing countries
· Modernisation theorists believed that the creation of industrial
jobs would lead to more economic independence for women
· In order for gender equality to be achieved modernisation theory
argues that attitudinal change needs to be promoted in order for
male family members to see women as equals…read more

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Explanations of the position of women in
developing countries ­ Ecofeminism
· Ecofeminists believe that there is a special relationship between
women and the environment
· Men are responsible for most of the environmental damage and
treat it as something to be dominated.
· Women are vital in the battle to protect the environment
· Their explanation for gender inequalities in the developing world
is that aid isn't gender neutral e.g. agricultural training programs
are offered to men rather than women
· However, women play a greater role than men in growing food
and their work goes unrecognised
· Therefore the solution to this gender inequality would be to
make aid gender neutral…read more

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Maria Mies ­ Patriarchy and
accumulation on a world scale
· Radical feminist who was also influenced by marxism
· Capitalism would be unable to spread into developing
countries without the exploitation of women because:
­ Women were employed in factories with much lower wages
than men
­ Also in poorer conditions than men so were at a health risk
­ Those with health problems were dismissed and forced into
the sex trade in order to survive…read more

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