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Refrain: me Form of poem
Form dates back to
6th centaury Ghazal Unrequited lover
Love for God
By Mimi Khalvati…read more

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Abstract noun
Fixed constant noun
Earth Heaven Moving, inconstant
Something organic/required growth
If I am the grass and you the breeze, Soft sounds,
is not
blow through me. Similar to
that of the
If I am the rose and you the bird, then wind
woo me.
Gods breath
Symbol of love. Able to feed flower
Need bird to survive Has power to come
(pollination) And go as he pleases
When referring to herself fixed, constant: emphasizing constant love for the man…read more

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Constant- feature of Ghazal
If you are the rhyme and I the refrain,
don't hang
on my lips, come and I'll come too
when you cue me.
Power, Overly sexual?
God directing/ controlling Stage- together…read more

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Wants him to be soft
But gentle
Woman's vagina
If yours is the iron fist in the velvet glove
when the arrow flies, the heart is Faith of heart
pierced, tattoo me. Common love tattoo
Wants love to last forever, be
Loosing virginity. Permanent Marriage?
damage From man
Mark of God
Internal?…read more

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Symbolizes betrayal
Satan. Suggests poisonous words/ bitterness
Garden of Eden
Blasphemy, words against God
If mine is the venomous tongue, the
Succumbing serpent's tail, Something dangerous at each end
to temptation
charmer, use your charm, weave a spell and
subdue me.
Needs to be controlled
Under a spell
Not stable.
Power over her
Gods healing…read more

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One segment of this One piece of Gods glory
Victory Crown of victory
I am the laurel leaf in your crown, you are
the arms around my bark, arms that
never knew me.
Tree. Static
Lumberjack= he can chop her down
There has been no physical relationship
Proof of unrequited status…read more

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