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  • Ghazal
    • Personal response
      • What do you think the poet is searching for in these verses? Maybe marriage
      • What title would you give to this ghazal? The beauty and pain of love
      • What does the poem reveal about the person it was written to? They love each other intensely and he should love her in all the ways he can
      • Do any of these images suggest to you a darker side to love? How? No but how to love is described darkly, using snakes and tattoos...
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • INTENSE LOVE- she seems to love almost to the point of obsession
      • PLAYFULNESS- the range of different images/ repeating rhymes make it seem more joyous/ playful
      • PLEASURE- the narrator seems to enjoy being in love and the language of love
    • About
      • The writer expresses intense feelings of love. She conjures up a new image/ number of images in each stanza
    • Comparison
      • Hour/ The Manhunt/ Praise song for my mother/ Born Yesterday/ In Paris with you/ Nettles/ Sonnet 43


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