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  • Hour
    • Personal response
      • Midas's gift became a curse to him. Does this affect what you think about the poem? Yes it may mean it is perfect while it lasts, but it will end badly.
      • Why do you think the poet uses personification in the poem? He personifies time to show how they want it to last forever.
      • Why do you think the poet wrote this as a form of sonnet? It is a love poem thereofre wrote it in the structure of a love song
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Cherishing the moment- love is felt to be precious and valuble
      • Strong belief- The poem expresses faith that love isn't bound by time
      • Physical pleasure- love isn't just the idealised, pure devotion of some traditional poems, but also the real and physical- like lying in a ditch kissing.
    • About
      • This poem describes an hour spent between the narrator and her lover. The poet personifies time as loves enemy, but in this perfect moment love almost manages to stop time.
    • Comparison
      • Ghazal/ The Manhunt / Sonnet 116/ To his coy mistress/ Sonnet 116/ In Paris with you


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