Ghazal Key Quote analysis

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  • "Be heaven and earth to me and I'll be twice the me I am, if only half the world you are to me."
    • Passion and desperate for his love
    • She is prepared to be the bigger person and change herself
    • Feels insufficient and must prove her worth
    • Lover is her everything, he is the only giving "half" of herself
    • She is content with only part of him, he doesn't lover her as strongly - unrequited
    • Lover is valuable and precious/treasured
    • Rhyming couplets show the togetherness of the relationship
    • Ghazal is a Persian Sonnet about love
    • Name of author mentioned in the poem which is a key feature of a Ghazal
    • Links to other poems
      • To His Coy Mistress - unrequited love
      • Praise Song for my Mother - importance of person
      • Farmers Bride - unrequited love


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