Poetry Across Time - Relationships

15 poems about different types of relationships!

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The Manhunt

What the poem is about:

  • Laura writes about how her husband was effected both physically and mentally when he returned from war.


  • Words set out on page in shape of human being - suggests an outline of a victim of crime on the ground.
  • First 3 couplets - perfect rhyme.
  • 10th couplet - returns to perfect rhyme, at which point every physical injury has been located.

Effect on reader:

  • Makes them realise what a terrible thing war is.
  • Armitage criticises the way that soldiers are neglected and lack of support that they receive.
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What the poem is about:

  • The narrator is expressing intense feelings of love.
  • She creates a new image (or images) in each stanza.


  • Begins with rhyming couplet.
  • Follows traditional Ghazal rules - no emjambment between stanzas, each stanza being compltely self-contained and the poets name should be skilfully incorporated into the final stanza.
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