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Content overview
9 marks
9 marks
32 marks…read more

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The Gaia hypothesis: all `organisms' and their habitats on earth
are closely linked in a long chain to keep a complicated system
going, that maintains perfect conditions for life on earth.…read more

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Aquifer diagram
A borehole is a narrow shaft the travels through the
ground for the extraction of water.
Aquifer ­ is a wet
underground layer of
water from which
groundwater can be
extracted using a
well. The rocks
saturate and hold
the groundwater in
Gault clay
Chalk aquifer
Alluvial deposit…read more

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Water runs through the rocks transporting dissolved chemicals. Crystallization of these
chemicals is one of the ways in which some minerals are formed. They are affected greatly by
the physical and chemical factors.
Immense heat and pressure…read more

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Fault lines: earthquakes occur at spreading ridges, subduction zones, and transform
faults, where two plates slide past each other. Stress builds up in the rock and causes a
sudden movement as the rock jolts into a new position.
Sliding plates
Richter scale:
0-5- not so bad
5 and above - DANGER…read more

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The birth and death of plate The earth's magnetic
boundaries ­ reshaping the field
earths surface
Before and after oceans
1) Volcanoes make
2) Clouds make water
and it rains
3) It rains a lot and it
forms oceans.…read more

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