Rivers Case Studies for GCSE Geography,OCR, Spec B

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River Landforms Case Study:

River Clyde

The River Clyde is 160km and flows Northwest. It is in Southern Scotland.

The landforms along this river are:

  • Interlocking spurs near CRAWFORD which are between 300-500m high
  • The falls of Clyde near LANARK. There are FOUR waterfalls the tallest being 27m high
  • A meander in between GLASGOW and MOTHERWELL
  • And oxbow lake in UDDINGSTON
  • GLASGOW is a flood plain 5m above sea level

Flooding Case Studies


Boscastle is a port. 90% of its economy relies on TOURISM

Rivers involved: The River Jordan and The River Valency 

When: 16th August 2004



  • The removal of vegetation around the river (no interception)
  • Bridges that caused blockages
  • The straightening of the…




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