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Some of very useful Geography GCSE Revision Websites, hope you find it useful and Good luck in your exams:)

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Geography GCSE Revision Websites
Don't revise long.... revise smart! Most people find it easier to revise in short
`chunks' of about 30 minutes. Revision websites, with interactive tests, games and
videos allow you to do this in a fun way. They are not a substitute for a good set of
class notes though!
1) BBC GCSE BITESZE - - a comprehensive
resource containing interactive tests, games and videos not only excellent for geography
but other subjects too. Highly recommended!
2) C4 LEARNING - - a useful site which directs you to
more focussed geographical issues. Also contains information for other subjects.
3) SCALLOWAY - - a site containing online tests and past
questions. The Scalloway site, based in Shetland, is designed around the Scottish exam
system with its Highers, but much of the material is relevant to UK GCSE syllabuses. There
is plenty of material here for all GCSE students.
4) S-COOL - - features some nice animations and key notes to print
off. There are notes for GCSE and also 'AS' Geography.
5) STUDYZONES - - some excellent advice available at plus lots
of stuff for various subjects as well as Geography.
6) LETTS REVISE - ­ a new site with plenty of help - linking in
with their popular and useful printed books for revision.
7) GEOEXPLORER - - Provides access to free geography
resources including free revision sheets, photos, virtual fieldwork and outline maps.
8) GET THAT GRADE - - free online units of work aimed at
better preparing students for the GCSE Geography examination.
9) REVISION BUSTER ­ - links to a number of useful
Geography websites and virtual tours.
10) ORDNANCE SURVEY - - site of Britain's national
mapping agency. Check out the 'Education & MapZone'. Free downloadable maps are also
Be the best you can be!


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