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1. Who are the Gwitchin? Where do they live?

The Gwitchin nation is around 22,000 years old and currently consists of approximately 9000
First Nation people. The word "Gwich'in" means in their language literally "people of the land".
This tribe have lived in parts of Northern America long before the…

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lifestyle. For example, the purely traditional clothing of the Gwitchin is less common, and
jackets, jeans and trainers have become used more in recent years. Also, their economy is no
longer entirely revolved around hunting, fishing and gathering. Now there are actual salary
based jobs within the Gwitchin. Further, not…

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(ANWR), which is the main breeding grounds and migration path for the Porcupine Caribou.
There is the persistent fear that this intervention of oil companies and other modern day
threats will significantly take a toll on the caribou and the population of the herd. Further,
grizzly and polar bears, waterfowl…


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