A Watery world Revision notes- Edexcel Geog Specification A

Revision notes of the whole topic of A Watery Wrold including Case Studies, includes a revision list. Geography Specification A Edexcel Board The Natural Environment Unit. 

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Revision Notes­
A Watery World
Edexcel GCSE Specification A

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A Water World Summary
1) Water sources and consumption:
a) Describe how consumption is different in LICs and HICs ­ domestic, agriculture and
Explain why there are these differences.
b) Explain how increasing wealth and development in a country leads to increased water
c) Where does the water…

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Water Consumption can be measured by comparing how much water is being used at home
(domestically), in farming (agriculture) and industry. You can often see this by looking at graphs.
For example: 11% of water used in the world is for household purposes. 20% of water used in the

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The wealthier the country becomes, the more the population want luxury devices. As the amount of luxury devices
increases so does the amount of domestic water used (for example the amount of people using dish washers has
raised 4 x between 1973-2008; each machine uses, on average, 3,000 litres a…

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A reservoir is an artificial lake of water held behind a dam to store water for irrigation, drinking,
recreation, power or other use. The best place fro a reservoir is a river valley in an upland area with
steep sided slopes, which act as natural walls. The rock underneath…

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Rainfall figures are average- some years can be above and others below when water restrictions
may have to be brought in.

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What are the problems associated with water supply n LICs?

The greatest problem in the LICs is the high proportion of the population that do not have access to clean,
piped water. This leads to a range of diseases which can be caused by resource exploitation.

Water Related Diseases:



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