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Geography investigation
The gradient of the managed section is higher than the unmanaged section

Walton on the Naze, Essex, UK

Characteristics of the area
The beach is split into two sections managed and unmanaged as shown below, there was a cost
benefit analysis done and it was found…

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Theodolite- Helps view the ranging pole from a level point

Sieve- Used to help remove the smaller beach material so could measure the larger beach material

Tube ­Helps measure infiltration rates of the beach as it is filled up with water and is measured how
much the water goes down…

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rain flows into the ocean which may some of the data obscure. On the managed side of the beach
there was a clear higher build-up of sediment on one side of the beach, this is due to long-shore drift
depositing the sediment one side of the beach against one of…

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