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Types and uses of
Generic Software…read more

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Word Processor
· "A word processor is a generic applications package that
allows entry, editing and formatting of text to create a
range of documents."
· Examples include MS Word
· Use keyboard to enter written data (also entered by
microphone using voice recognition)
· Most commonly used software
· Used to make documents such as letters, memos or
· WYSIWUG features ­ What You See Is What You Get
· Text can be formatted, printed, saved
· Allow use of templates…read more

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Desktop Publishing (DTP)
· "A DTP package incorporates specific features to enable
the user to design, create and produce professional
looking publications."
· Allows user to create publication using a combination of
images and text
· Examples include MS Publisher
· The main difference between DTP and word processing
is the emphasis on the ability to manipulate and position
of graphics and words
· Used to produce flyers, posters, business cards,
· Allow use to style sheets, templates and macros…read more

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· "Spreadsheet packages enable the user to
produce both mathematical and financial
models, and to produce graphs to diagramically
represent data."
· Examples include MS Excel
· Display data and are able to process and
perform a large range of calculations
· Main use is therefore processing numeric data
· They can also be used to display graphs
· Can be used for spreadsheet modelling to
make `What if...?' calculations…read more

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· "Database packages enable the user to handle
· Example of a database program is MS Access
· The data can be sorted and searched and split
into tables or relationships
· Data can be sorted by different methods and
fields (one field or multiple)
· Spreadsheets and databases can be linked with
a word processing package to perform mail
merging…read more

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Web Authoring
· "The creation of web pages, can be achieved
through the use of a web-authoring package."
· Special features: web-authoring software has
built in functions to enable the user to create a
web page to a good standard with a variety of
features (hyperlinks, hot spots etc)
· A huge advantage is that the user needs no prior
knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Mark Up
· Templates are available in order to make a
standard layout quick and easy. Wizards are
also available.…read more

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