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A democracy is the Government of the people, by the people, for the people'

Representative and accountable government
The rule of Law and equality before the law
Freedom of opinion, belief and association. 

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Citizen - Someone who lives in and belongs to a particular community
   - Someone who has the legal right to live in a country, a legal resident.

Rights of a British Citizen:
- A passport and the right to leave and enter the UK without a visa
- The right to live and work in the UK with no time limit or work permit
- The right to vote in UK elections and take a full part in local and national services
- The right to claim benefits in the UK

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Human Rights

The Human rights act:

  • The right to life
  • No one can be tortured or given degrading punishment
  • No one can be held in slavery or forced labour
  • The right to liberty and Security
  • The right to a fair and public hearing if accused of a crime
  • The right to not be punished for an action that was not a crime when committed
  • The right to privacy and family life
  • The right to freedom of opinions and religion
  • The right to freedom of expression
  • The right to protest peacefully and to join, or not to join, a trade union
  • The right to marry and have a family
  • The right to own and enjoy property
  • The right to an education
  • The right to choose own government
  • The right to not be discriminated against
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The Law

Law: A body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by political authority, a legal system

Criminal order: Dictated by authority, committed against society as a hwole, involves punishment

Civil law: Disputes between two or more parties, often involves compensation.

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The supreme Court

Criminal: Civil

Court of Appeal Court of Appeal

Crown Court High court of justice

Magistrates Court  County courts

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Purpose of Prison Sentences

Restitution - Making amends for the crime

Detterence - So that other offenders will be deterred from committing the same crime

Retribution - Teaching the criminal a lesson

Reform - Offers educational training to help them return to normality

Prevention - Stops them from committing other crimes when they are in prison

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Devolution - passing authority and some decision making from central to regional government

Electoral system - people vote to choose the people who govern them

Parliament - the places where MPs meet to discuss important issues, make laws and question the government

Political party - an organised group of people who share a particular set of values or beliefs 

Proportional Representation - the number of seats a party gets is dictated in proportion to the number of votes it recieves

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The Media

Censorship - Banning or changing information or material in the media

Freedom of the press - The ability of the press to write and broadcast what they like

ASA - Make sure all media is decent, honest and truthful

OFCOM - regulate TV, radio, telecoms, Mobile phones and the airwaves, protection against scams and sharp practises

PCP (press complainst commision) - An independent body that deals with the complaints from editorial content of newspapers and magazines

BBC royal charter - consitutional basis for teh BBC, coverage is objective and impartial

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Work Place

Problems - Discrimination, Harrassment, Bullying, Statuary rights infringement, unfair dismissal

Fair reasons for dismissal - A breach of contract, Capability, Conduct, Redundancy

Trade unions
An organisation of employees formed to bargain with employers
To improve their conditions at work
To negotiate pay
To provide oppurtunities for education and training
Give support and offer legal advice
Represent people with problems at work
Check health and safety at work 

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Millennium Development goals:

Life expectancy is 3rd world countries to increases by a 1/3
Adult literacy to improve 48-60%
Infant mortality to have doubled
Sustainable Development

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Thanks for all the information I think that these is helping me lot with my exam for tomorrow. good job :)



Thanks for all the information I think that these is helping me lot with my exam for Friday. good job :)

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