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Citizenship revision notes:

Rights give you freedom and protection:

Everyone has rights. Rights are things that you are entitled to or are free to do. They are important because they make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Legal rights are set down in the laws of countries e.g. the right to vote, or to be refunded for faulty goods and if you don't get your rights you can take the issue to court. Your legal rights change as you become older and more mature for example:

At 14 you can work part time - though you can do a few types of jobs at 13 - and enter a bar to buy soft drinks(at 14).

At 16 you can buy lottery tickets, leave school after GCSEs, have heterosexual or homosexual sex and get married with your parents consent.

At 17 you can drive a car

At 18 you can buy cigarettes buy alcohol vote in elections make a will leave home or get married with court or parental consent stand for parliament as an MP etc.

At 21  you can adopt a child or stand for the European


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