citizenship - GCSE - inequalities

keywords for the inequalities topic for gcse shortcourse citizenship

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a system of laws based upon the idea of racial separation (south Africa 1947 onwards)

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a group of 54 nations which were once a part of the British empire

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ethical trading

a system of trading that serves the interests of the producer, retailer and consumer equally

(e.g. fair pay)

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European union

a group of 27 countries that work together to maintain peace, trade together and improve their standard of living

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fossil fuel

a naturally occurring fuel, such as coal or natural gas.

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free trade

trade between countries that is not restricted by things like high taxes on imports

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the increasing interdependence (the way countries work together and rely on each other) of the world

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the worlds seven richest nations plus Russia

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a less economically developed country

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a more economically developed country

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people who have been forced to leave their country and must live somewhere else

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sustainable development

improvements in the way something is done which can be kept going without having a negative impact on future generations (e.g. environmental changes)

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trans national corporation

a company that works in more then one country

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united nations

an organisation in which nearly every country in the world works for peace and higher standards of living

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