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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology Ms Field 24/01/12
AUTHOR (S), DATE, A study in 2011 by a The fact that she is There could be two
TITLE, PUBLISHERS 35 year old female Pakistani will give her sociologists. Male and
voluntary worker in an a different, maybe female which would
international family biased view towards create a gender
centre in other people. She is balance and would
Middlesbrough. The also a female which allow men to also
35 year old female is may give her a sexist speak freely in front of
of Pakistani origin that view on men and all a man instead of a
was born and brought together a biased woman. The male and
up in the UK. view on most people. female sociologists
The woman is also 35 could also be 25 years
years old which will old to create a wider
affect her relationship range of interviews
with younger women ranging from 20-50
as the younger woman and this would create
may believe that the better results.
older woman would
be out of place
speaking to her and
would not know about
modern ideas.
AIMS OF STUDY/ To find out and The range of people The range of people
REASEARCH compare the pattern interviewed is only interviewed could
of divorce of white extended to white and extend to Black
and Asian families in Asia people. The views people on top of
the UK. may be biased. Not white and Asian
To find out and very good if you want people. This would
compare the amount to extract a lot of create a more in depth
of cohabitation among information this will extraction of
white and Asian affect the findings as information and also
couples in the UK. there would not be allow the information
To find out and the varied amount of collected to be
compare the views data that a sociologist impartial. Also there
and attitudes of white would want and need. would be a greater
and Asian people to amount of data
marriage, cohabitation collected if the
and divorce. sociologist were to
extend her research to
other cultures instead
of Pakistani and White.
HYPOTHESIS "Divorce and family The hypothesis is very The hypothesis could
breakdown in the UK is vague. What bonds be made more precise
increasing but Asian keep Asian families and include "Asian
families have strong together? Culture? families have a culture
bonds which keep Community? Etc. which keeps them
them together" together"

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology Ms Field 24/01/12
METHOD (S) Using semi- structured Will allow the I believe using Semi-
interviews interviewer to ask structures interview is
questions from a set the best option as the
list but also allow the sociologist can extract
interviewer to ask more in depth
questions information
spontaneously to get
more information in
PRIMARY REASEARCH The Pakistani This will allow the I believe using Semi-
sociologist uses semi- interviewer to ask structures interview is
structured interviews around her community…read more

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology Ms Field 24/01/12
FINDINGS The sociologists She only asks Asian She could extend her
findings are that she and white sample group to 10
expected to find that respondents which black respondents, 10
Asian people have limits her findings Asian respondents, 10
different attitudes white respondents
from white people but which would extend
her results did not her findings.
show completely as
the Asian respondents
all agreed they would
prefer to get married
than cohabit.
Cohabitation= disgrace
to family.…read more


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