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Mixed methods studies researchers choose to combine different types of research methods. Most often researchers combine quantitative (eg Heath et use of structured interview) which is high in reliability as it helps researches evaluate the trends and patterns combining this with qualitative (eg Heath in-depth interviews) helps the research gain a ‘fuller picture’ of the meaning and motives by building a rapport with the participant to gain understanding, this type of research method is closely linked to interpertivist and is high in validity, therefore Heath et al used Mixed methods for his sociological research of declining social class, he used various methods to attain a result that would be high in generalizability and representativeness showing the validity this recent research.

In the recent 2005 report, Heath et al made comparison to the 1964 report by BSA relating to new social identities. To increase the validity of the research Heath set two key aim one was to research and measure change in the level of subject social class identity. In order for them to measure the aim, it would consist of large amount of quantative data this suggest the theoterical background of positivist theory to understand what it is means to them another key aim to gain a clear understanding was to assess whether social class identities are ‘given’ or whether they are increasingly ‘chosen’ to access if social class identity’s are given or whether they are passively received by our status, class and background as a norm or ‘chosen’ through induvidualisation, postmodernist would argue it is choice though our identity , the method needed to view this aim would be interpertivist approach which favour qualtative data to understand the meanings though findings. He operationalized the process by identifying the norms and values associated by different groups, linking to the expected behaviour of a middle class and working class to compare the differences in class identity.

The use of methods such as unstructured interviews conducted by Heath et al,  give a more clear in-depth of the situation of classes, as this would give him access to verhten and empathy of the perspective from the public opinion and views. By using a qualitative method which is combined with a large sample of quantitate data, Heath et al is able to display the wider process of material and research that has been found and used to gain a high




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