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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12
Pre-release material- Study two
Key areas Information Strengths and Improvement
weaknesses s
Author(s), The sociologist is a The sociologist The sociologist
sixth form student created his could make his
date, title and from Brighton in 2010 investigation in data more
publishers. 2010 so it is reliable by
out dated by doing the
two years investigation in
which makes it 2012 which
unreliable but would make
useful to a the
certain extent investigation
where he/she more up to
can see a date
pattern The sociologist
through the 2 should have
years been older and
The sociologist if she/he was in
is a student so university or
he/she will not older he/she
have enough would have
time to ask a more time to
full sample of carry out
people and his/her
he/she may investigation
not carry out and he/she will
her/his have the
investigation knowledge to
properly as carry out the
he/she is only a investigation to
student a full extent
Aims of study The sociologists' aims One weakness As an
were to find out if the of the aims of improvement
family is still important study is that the sociologist
today and to the sociologist could specify
understand people's
does not the target type
experiences of
specify a of people, this
different types of
family target type of could range
people he will from Asian
extract data people,
from Afro-Caribbean
people etc.

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12
The sociologist The sociologist
could also could also
specify the specify the
different types different types
of family of family such
The aims were as nuclear
also not family,
meaningful as cohabitation
they did not family,
link to the main polygamy
"hypothesis" family etc.…read more

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12
accessible and is that the
would allow sociologist
the sociologist could analyse
a nearly freeview
unlimited channels or
amount of T.V satellite
channels to channels.…read more

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12
worse than it
really is
The case study
1 strength is
that the
gathered by
the sociologist
in case study 1
is first hand
and valid which
would bolster
reliability and
validity of the
The weakness
of internet
survey is that
the sociologist
had only given
out the survey
at midnight
where not
many people
will be online
weakness is
that 100 is not
a sample that
can be used to
portray the
whole…read more

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12
the sociologist
to have more
information to
Secondary 1. Case Study 2: The The sociologist
Danielle programme is should have a
data Lineker- my on BBC 3 which better choice
new step is not of television
family: June accounted for channel and
2010 BBC 3 to have the choose
2.…read more

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12
programme is
around one
gay family
Access The gate keeper is The sociologist does The sociologist should
not specified not specify the gate specify the gatekeeper
(gatekeeper) keeper such as the person who
pays the electricity bills
etc.…read more

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Syed Afjal Ali 11T Sociology GCSE 24/02/12…read more



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